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Tattva: A Celebration of Hindu Culture & Life 

Tattva is a forum focused on Hindu culture and life or what is generally called the Sanātana Dharma. Its mission is to showcase, celebrate and spread the incredible richness and sophistication of Hindu traditions—be it rituals, philosophy, art, or literature. Contemporary Hinduism is an inheritor of four millennia of continuous knowledge tradition, representing an inexhaustible mine of human wisdom and insight. We endeavour to present this sanātana tradition in a contemporary idiom while still being true to the letter and spirit of our venerable texts. 

While we are passionate about the textual traditions of Hinduism, we also do not want to miss out on the astonishing diversity of ways Hinduism is practised amongst its adherents—be it the animistic Hinduism of a tribal, the bhakti-inflected Hinduism of a Vaiṣṇava, the tantric Hinduism of a Nātha, or the yoga-inspired ‘spiritual’ Hinduism gaining currency in the west. One of our aims is to chronicle this diversity of practices, rituals, festivals and art forms that shape the socio-religious life of a billion Hindus spread across the world.

We are also deeply interested in how Hinduism interacts with modern forms of socio-political life such as the nation-state, democracy and capitalism, with its ideological roots in western liberalism. The non-doctrinaire nature of Hinduism has allowed it to adapt itself to modernity but, in doing so, has it lost some of its vitality and homogenized itself sometimes beyond recognition? Has this process been hastened by the doctrinal (and physical) challenge Hinduism faces from its detractors rooted in the idea of absolute truth and exclusivist dogmas? We want to interrogate these issues in the pages of Tattva, in both historical and contemporary contexts.    

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